Spam, spam, and (less) spam

Spam, spam, and (less) spam

CTTSWEB, where I have multiple email accounts and websites, reported recently on their spam fighting measures.

Since the installation and initialization of the Barracuda spam/virus filter server, more than 10 million messages have come into the mail servers here. And we are happy to report that more than 9 million messages were stopped dead in their tracks, being classified as either spam or virus infected.  In other words 90% of the messages are coming in are junk and you are being spared the necessity of dealing with them.

You read that right. They got 10 million emails in the past few months, of which 9 million were spam or viruses that they killed before it got to an Inbox.

However, there is still junk mail getting through to you.  The spammers are becoming more and more sophisticated (devious) in the formatting of their garbage.

I use Mail Washer Pro to filter out whatever spam Barracuda misses. It has a unique feature that allows you to kill spam and viruses before they get to your mail reader. They are erased on the server and never travel to your PC. Unlike other spam killers, it works with any POP mail reader, not just Outlook. And guess what, it reports that 50% of my email is spam.

So my ISP kills 90% of the spam before I see it, Mail Washer kills 50% of the mail I do get. That means 95% of the email going to my accounts are spam. Yow.