Bush is Coming to LA:…

Bush is Coming to LA: Emergency Protest

Thursday., August 12, 4 pm
Santa Monica Airport
Corner of 31st St. & Ocean Park Blvd
Santa Monica

Initiated by ANSWER LA

On Thursday, August 12 President Bush will breeze into town to hold a “Presidential Gala” for his political base: “The haves and The have-mores” as he smirkingly calls them.

While Bush is partying with his cronies, Iraqis and U.S. soldiers will continue to die in a war and occupation fought for oil and the big money corporations. More and more, people here and all over the world are growing in their anger and disgust for the suffering caused by the Pentagon’s ruthlessness, Wall Street’s greed and Bush’s right wing agenda of racism, bigotry and cut backs here at home.

 Let’s take it to the streets on August 12 to demand:

Bring the Troops Home Now!  U.S. Out of Iraq!  End the Occupation!