NY given al-Qaeda attack warning

NY given al-Qaeda attack warning

The authorities in New York are warning residents and businesses that al-Qaeda may be planning a fresh suicide attack in the city.


a) This is just more crying wolf.

b) al-Qaeda would not attack before or during the Republican National Convention, because they want Bush re-elected – something which would drive more recruits to them.

c) al-Qaeda would happily attack during the RNC, to demonstrate to the world that Bush has failed, and failed miserably.

d) No one has a clue except al-Qaeda, and they aren’t giving interviews.

There’s already been startling financial reactions.

Attacks warning pushes oil prices to an all-time high.

Oil, gold, treasuries rise on US terror alert; dollar falls.

Toyko stocks fall on security fears.

Uncanny, isn’t it, how a vague threat alleged to be coming from a shadowy organization of what, a few thousand people, can rattle the nerves of financial markets worldwide.

And sigh, Kerry calls for more anti-terror laws.