What’s wrong with security at…

What’s wrong with security at the DNC in Boston

James Atkinson, a recognized security expert, posted criticized the Boston DNC security, noting on numerous inept security procedures.

The Feds then apparently retaliated by shutting down Atkinson’s Yahoo listserv. and, according to the InfoWarrior listserv, demanded from Yahoo “copies of all list members, and copies of the thousands of messages and postings that were made to the list, plus a history of everything he had ever subscribed to or posted.”

Touchy, touchy…

From a later posting by James Atkinson:

The FBI warnings about an unconfirmed threat targeting the media was bogus, and was just a way to get the media to shut-up about, to stop complaining about, and stop reporting on, the weak security at the convention. Essentially the government is trying to convince them that they could save their own butts by being silent.

Sadly, by journalists being cowed into not reporting on the problems with bad security, they are allowing the government to get away with ridiculously poor security, which in turn is actually increasing the threat to the journalists’ safety.

InfoWarrior concludes with:

A lesson our government has yet to learn — even after the renewed interest in security theory post-911 — is that security through obscurity does not work.  Neither does saying “trust us, but don’t ask any questions.”

Sadly, the more things change, the more they stay the same.