RNC protest news. Permit granted,…

RNC protest news. Permit granted, sort of.

Court ruling halts restrictive NYPD practices in anticipation of RNC.

In a case brought by the New York Civil Liberties Union, a Manhattan Federal Court today released an order blocking the NYPD from using certain tactics at large demonstrations expected to take place at the Republican National Convention.

In a 78-page decision, District Court Judge Robert Sweet ruled that the NYPD cannot close streets and sidewalks leading to demonstration sites without informing the public about alternate ways to get to the demonstrations. Judge Sweet also ruled the NYPD cannot use “pens” made of interlocking metal barricades at demonstrations without assuring that demonstrators can reasonably get in and out of them. And the judge’s decision said the NYPD cannot conduct generalized searches of the bags of people seeking to enter demonstration sites.

UPJ agrees to West Side route

After a protracted and public feud with the city, United for Peace and Justice announced yesterday that it would accept the Police Department’s route for a massive anti-Bush protest during the Republican National Convention.

This is not a good route. NYC, as is their wont, actively tries to stop antiwar demos from happening, and UPJ was not able to negotiate a better route.

From the UPJ Open Letter

We did not make this decision lightly. Our central goal for our August 29 event has always been to maximize the numbers of people out on the streets in opposition to the Bush agenda. That’s why we chose Sunday and why we pursued permits. A wide range of other events, which we support, are being planned throughout the convention week, with varying tactics and goals. With the permits for both our march and rally now secured, our August 29 protest will be an event that people from every walk of life can participate in.

Several weeks ago, we won our fight to march past Madison Square Garden, the site of the Republican National Convention, but the rally site remained contested. We have been fighting hard for months to secure the Great Lawn in Central Park, and many of you have supported us in that fight.

Every alternative we proposed to City officials was rejected. Every attempt at resolving concerns was dismissed. The City cut off negotiations and refused to meet with us. Clearly Mayor Bloomberg, a pitbull for the Bush Administration and the Republican Party, is doing everything he can to silence dissent and erode basic Constitutional rights.

RNC Protest Rights.org
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