Report: War rationale based on…

Report: War rationale based on CIA error

In a scathing indictment of the nation’s intelligence services, a Senate report concluded Friday the CIA provided false and unfounded assessments of the threat posed by Iraq that the Bush administration relied on to justify going to war.

Uh, huh, so of course poor Dubya just had no clue, did he? Or, at least, that’s the spin they want. “We were given bad info, it wasn’t our fault.” Right.This is called “plausible deniability.”

Golly do you think Bush (and Tenet) made it clear precisely what they wanted, intimidating anyone who gave intel that didn’t suport their foregone conclusion of invasion?

In a stunning development, Democrats say yes and Republicans say no.

Democrats have a “major disagreement” with Republicans over the issue of intimidation.

Friday’s Senate report on prewar intelligence drew a new battle line in the presidential campaign by failing to settle a politically volatile question: Did the White House pressure the CIA to concoct reasons to invade Iraq?

In the end, the committee decided to put off consideration of the Bush administration’s use of intelligence, all but guaranteeing the issue a prominent role in the campaign.