Protest the twin parties of…

Protest the twin parties of the war machine

You are going, aren’t you? Well of course you are, everyone will be there, and you don’t want to miss what might be the biggest demos ever in US history, do you?

Mass marches & rallies

Democratic National Convention
July 25 in Boston

Republican National Convention
August 29 in New York City

The twin parties of the war machine are gathering this summer in Boston and New York City to anoint their candidates for the upcoming presidential election. It is urgent that the progressive movement be in the streets in Boston and New York City.

This is a critical time for all progressives and targeted communities to take a clear stand against the political framework that is championed by the Republican and Democratic parties alike.

The Democratic Convention will certainly pull large numbers of protesters. However, the Republican Convention will be the mother of all demos. Everyone is mobilizing to be there.

Organizers have been trying, unsuccesfully so far, to get a permit for a rally in Central Park. The authorities have said, darn it, there would be too many people to put in the park, so no permit can be issued, as they weep copious crocodile tears. I guess NYPD would prefer one million plus people just wandered around Manhattan, eh? Sharp thinking, there.

Of course, as the date nears and it becomes apparent that huge numbers will be in NYC to protest Bush, the permits will be granted, as the authorities have no other choice.

Here’s why it’s important to be there.

Both parties favor the war

The war on Iraq did not just begin a year ago, nor is it Bush’s alone. The Democratic Party leadership and the solid majority of Democrats in Congress voted in October 2002 to fully support the threatened aggression against Iraq even though their offices were being overwhelmed with calls demanding that they vote no to the war. In July 2003, the Senate voted unanimously in support of continuing the occupation of Iraq – there was not one opposition vote.

The plans to demonstrate mass opposition at both conventions on the eve of the presidential election should in no way be understood to mean that the organizers are unmindful of the potential significance of this or any election. Clearly, the recent election in Spain which repudiated the pro-Bush Aznar government, just days after the horrific Madrid bombings, could be seen as nothing other than a powerful referendum on that government’s complicity with the Iraq war.

If Bush were to be defeated in November the world would have a similar joyous reaction as that which accompanied the defeat of Aznar. But if Bush is defeated and Kerry takes the presidency it is crystal clear that the occupation of Iraq and all the other associated projects of the Pentagon, CIA, and corporate establishment will continue unabated.

The real hope for change, not cosmetic alterations but the urgently needed profound social change in the United States, will come about from an enlarged and politically conscious mass movement of the people.

Be there!

Among those mobilizing for the NYC Republican Convention are:

Peaceful Tomorrows
United for Justice & Peace
Update: Green Party