Federal court upholds Calif. e-voting…

Federal court upholds Calif. e-voting ban

A federal judge today upheld California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley’s April 30 directive that decertified touch-screen voting machines and withheld future certification until vendors of those systems could meet specific security requirements, including voter-verifiable paper audit trails.

Push for safer electronic voting bolstered by court decision

Secretary of State Kevin Shelley’s push for safer electronic voting appears to be gaining momentum with a fresh victory in federal court and new agreements from counties with touch-screen machines to make extra security arrangements.

Shelley, who banned electronic voting in the state’s Nov. 2 presidential election unless it met strict new security tests, called anew Wednesday for stronger measures after a federal judge in Los Angeles upheld his actions.

He had previously banned e-voting unless there was a verifiable paper trail and the machines, and the companies that make them, could be shown to be trustworthy and reliable.

California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley banned a Diebold system in four counties and asked for a criminal investigation because Diebold changed its computer codes without notifying the state.