The amazing disappearing Cobb campaign

The amazing disappearing Cobb campaign

It’s been a week since David Cobb was nominated so one would expect he’d be barnstorming across the nation, building the Green Party, like he loudly proclaimed he’d do, right? Well, let’s mosey on over to his website and take a peek.

As of 7/2, this is a dismal, amateurishly designed site. No zip, no personality, it looks like it was stamped out with a cookie cutter. Incredibly, it doesn’t even say “Cobb For President” on the homepage. 

Here’s a website design secret from the pros (that would be me, as I am one.) Web pages, most especially the homepage, should have prominent titles that quickly explain what the site is about. Yet this silly little site neglects to even say “Cobb for President” at the top of the homepage, something any marginally competent web designer would have done.

As for the meat of the site, there isn’t any. As an example, the calendar of events for July lists nothing for the entire month! Nada. Zip. Zilch. No rallies, no appearances. Nothing. Nowhere to be found is anything about campaigning, building the Green Party, or getting out the vote. Apparently Mr. Cobb must be off snoozing somewhere or schmoozing with his new Democratic buddies, rather than rallying the troops as he promised.

Yet, you can’t discern Cobb’s numbers with an electron microscope. Of course, the pungent irony is that’s precisely the way Cobb and his backers want it.

So maybe the ineptness of the website is by design, since a non-campaign by Cobb will simply cede votes to Kerry – which appears to be the point of the Cobb “campaign” anyway.