Suicide right on the stage

Suicide right on the stage

The Demise of the Green Party  (excerpts)

The fatal damage in Milwaukee was done to the Green Party itself, where Cobb and his cohort sabotaged the aspirations of thousands of Greens who had labored for more than a decade to build their party into a national political force, capable of winning a few seats here and there and, even more importantly, defeating Democrats who behave like Republicans (cf: Al Gore). The fruits of all that intense grassroots organizing were destroyed in an instant.

A crucial player in this unsavory affair was Medea Benjamin, the diva of Global Exchange. In rationalizing her decisive vote backing the Cobb/Lamarche ticket, Benjamin emitted this profundity: “John Kerry is not George Bush.” Apparently, that tiny sliver of genetic variation is all it comes down to these days.

This has been confirmed to me by others. Medea, who ran as a Green for Senate in 2000, did indeed play a major role in getting Cobb the nomination, and thus aided in the coming collapse of the Green Party. If you watch what she does, not says, she’s considerably less progressive and more mainstream liberal than her public persona would indicate. And goodness knows, she wouldn’t want to upset her Democratic donor base either.

Yes, Medea, you’re right. Kerry is simply Kerry, a bona fide war criminal, with a record of political infamy that is just as malodorous as that of George Bush-only it’s longer.

Kerry stands unapologetically for nearly every issue that caused the Greens to bolt the Democratic Party.

And since the Cobb campaign seems custom-designed to aid Kerry and damage the Green Party, the article concludes:

David Cobb is the Jim Jones of the Green Party. Form a line and pass the Kool-Aid.