Are the Bushies itching to…

Are the Bushies itching to invade Cuba?

U.S. military exercise raises Cuban invasion fears

Recent U.S. Navy exercises have caused concern among Cuban officials about the growing possibility of U.S. military action there. 

Cuba-U.S. policies pave way for military intervention

Why does the US need to invade Cuba? Well, the Bushies are huffing and puffing about how Cuba might have biological warfare capabilities (just like Iraq had WMD, eh?)

In response to Bush administration charges of a “Cuban biological warfare research and development effort,” a group of military experts and scientists visited nine Cuban biotechnology facilities last October.

Their findings?

“Given the nature of the range of international contacts and joint ventures, the relatively open system, and the attitude and approach of the staff to their work, it would be very unlikely that there is any work on biological weapons at any of the facilities visited.”

The Bushies, of course, are up to their old tricks of making shit up and then getting pliant reporters to print it. Check this golden oldie, dateline May 7, 2002. DC accuses Cuba of germ-warfare research. It was written by now disgraced reporter Judith Miller, whose reportage on Iraq WMD has proven to be, um, less than accurate.

But wait, could there a hidden economic interest behind the Bushie propaganda for invasion?

Glad you asked, why of course there is. “Significant oil deposits” have been found, now here’s a shocker, off the coast of Cuba. Who woulda thunk it?

Several weeks ago, reports surfaced that Repsolthe Spanish petroleum companyhad begun oil exploration off the coast of Cuba . The company is paying $195,000 a day to rent the drilling platform, indicating they have high expectations of discovering significant oil deposits. Needless to say, oil discovery would severely undermine the economic impact of the U.S. blockade.

What’s worse, those darned Cubans want to hog all the oil for themselves!

(Very) loosely translated from Spanish

Cuba opens the oil sector doors to U.S. investment

Havana, April 15th 2004 (EFE) Today Cuba presented business opportunities in its oil industry to a group of U.S. industrialists attending a bilateral commercial conference.

By cracky, Dubya won’t allow THAT to happen! Best to invade and grab the oil. Oh, wait, that approach isn’t working very well in Iraq, is it? Not to mention that all Cubans have rifles, guns, and know how to use them. But then, common sense never has stopped Dubya from doing something, has it?

And in a related story – a little comic relief from the loony right

Is West Nile virus Saddam’s revenge? (They ominously imply Castro is, must, has to be involved in this fiendish plot.)

This being the current rightwing version of their 1950’s nightmare of a commie hiding under every bed – this time it’s crazed diseased birds, deliberately infected by commies and evildoers, sent to plague the US and Israel.