And Dubya will return to

And Dubya will return to

Audiences roar for Moore as US right declares war.

The American right has declared “war on Michael Moore” as his incendiary documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 opened to record-breaking audiences and standing ovations across the US.

Moore’s film, which tramples over the George W Bush presidency and attacks its conduct in pursuing the war on terror and the war against Iraq, broke single-day records on its opening in New York.

Rittenhouse Review blogs they were unable to see the 2:00 show on Friday because when they arrived, it and and the remaining eight shows that day were sold out.

And here’s more confirmation, Fahrenheit 9/11 looks to be #1 nationwide at the box office this weekend – extraordinary indeed for a documentary, especially one attacking a sitting president.

Suddenly, after years of domination of the media by the lunatic fringe right wing, there’s been a sea change. The left is now in ascendance. Not only is Fahrenheit 9/11, which was made with the deliberate intent of toppling Bush, making huge box office and getting worldwide attention, there’s several other like-minded /leftie/subversive documentaries in or nearing release. This of course is most excellent indeed!

The Control Room. I saw this tonight, it’s about Qatar news network al-Jazeera, the network the Bushies hate so much they bombed al-Jazreera headquarters in Baghdad, killing a reporter – on the same day they bombed another Arab news building.

If US media has a spin, then al-Jazeera can, does, and is quite entitled to have their spin too – even if Rumsfeld and the rest of his merry Orwellian gang try their best – and fail – to censor and eliminate viewpoints opposing their steady stream of propaganga.

The Hunting of the President. “The 10 year campaign to destroy Bill Clinton.” I’ve seen the trailer twice. Looks to be hard hitting in exposing the sleazy right wing vendetta against Clinton.

The Corporation. Finally opening in the US after being a huge hit in Canada, this documentary is based on the book “The Corporation. The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power.”