LAPD: We treat you like…

LAPD: We treat you like a King

Another black motorist got the shit beaten out of him in LA after holding his hands in the air and not resisting arrest. And it was videotaped

Los Angeles Mayor James K. Hahn said today that after viewing the televised beating of a suspected car thief, it appeared to him that police used “excessive force” and he reiterated his demand for a full inquiry.

Update: From Steve Lopez in the LA Times

Here’s a tip to cops:

It’s always best to conduct beatings indoors, particularly if you hear a helicopter, notice a bright light, and see a shadow of yourself poised to strike again. Sure, that’s your own team up there in a police chopper. But it’s likely there are TV news crews nearby.

Although this thing looked bad, <LAPD Police Chief> Bratton said from 3,000 miles away, “There should be no rush to judgment before the investigations are completed.”

Guess what, Chief. My investigation is complete.

Any cop who’d whack a captured suspect 11 times, on live TV no less, is too dumb to keep past lunch.