I’m bloggng this from the outer fringes of suburbia in Connecticut near Hartford where my sister lives, using a dialup modem to connect to GoToMyPC which then connects to my computer in L.A where the software to publish this blog resides.

The newspapers here are filled with the news of the coming impeachment of Conn. Gov. Rowland, who dimwittedly refuses to resign and thus will simply make things worse for himself when he finally is booted from office. His rationale for refusing to leave is 1) I wasn’t really that corrupt, because the amounts of money involved weren’t that big and 2) I won’t have a salary when I resign, because no one will then hire me. As if that should be anyone’s problem but his own – and thanks so much for subjecting the voters of Connecticut to months of this soap opera. The Bushies tossed Rowland to the wolves months ago, so he’s completely on his own now.

The weather here is perfect. About 70-75, not humid (Connecticut summers can be unbearably humid), and no mosquitos yet!

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