Practice paintball against US -…

Practice paintball against US – get life in prison

Three defendants, two of whom apparently did nothing worse than “train for holy war by playing paintball games”, and one who traveled to Pakistan to train, received very long sentences.  Even the judge was appalled by the sentences she was mandated to give.

“To put it bluntly … had I been a Zionist Jew or a Christian training to fight [in Palestine], I would never have been charged with violating the Neutrality Act,” he said, referring to the seldom-used U.S. law that formed the basis for the government’s conspiracy charges.

Even the judge thought the sentences were way too extreme.

U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema said the sentences were “draconian,” but she had no choice but to impose them under federal law.

“We have murderers who get far less time,” she said. “I’ve sent Al Qaeda members planning attacks on these shores to less time. This is sticking in my craw. Law and justice at times need to be in tune.”