Blood in the water

Blood in the water

Abu Ghraib scandal convulses U.S. military

Internecine warfare over the widening Iraq prison-abuse scandal is threatening to explode within the U.S. military, pitting brass against low-ranking grunts, regulars against reserves and unit against unit.

Gen. Karpinski: Gen. Miller ordered the torture

Gen. Miller: Gen. Karpinski is a liar

Enlistments and re-enlistments into the military must be way down now. Would you want to join an outfit where you might be ordered to torture?  Can’t imagine many would. And now that generals are turning on each other in death matches, well, the repercussions from this will be felt all over DC and well as in the military.

Bush has no place left to run. His allies are vanishing. Attacks are coming from everywhere. Just like in Watergate, which seems like a quaint tea party compared to what’s happening now. These are dangerous times. Bush might well try something extreme in a desperate attempt to stay in power. However, the tide has absolutely turned and is flowing leftwards now. Let’s make sure it stays that way.