Kitters Kat 1986- June 8…

Kitters Kat 1986- June 8 2004

was the first cat I got to know. He lived upstairs with married
friends. One day they went on vacation and asked if Kitters could stay
with me for 2 weeks. I wasn’t even sure if I liked cats then. Two weeks
later, when they returned, I didn’t want to give him back. He was an
amazing, affectionate, highly intelligent cat, yes he was.

few years later, I found a nearly starved stray under the crawlspace,
and she, Wilma, became my first cat. Like my next cat, Annie, she was
old, battered, and quite happy to sit on the sofa all day in a place
where food and affection were plentiful, not at all like the outdoors,
which nearly killed her. They both died, bizarrely, of hyperthyroidism.

now have two young, energetic cats – Joey and Suzy, who happily are
pals. Lemme tell ya, there’s a big difference between old lady snooze
all day in the chair cats and these two. But I love them a lot, even
when Joey shreds the sofa and Suzy knocks over wastebaskets and goes
rooting around inside them.

And it all started with the quite amazing Kitters. Who really was 18 when he passed.