Curiouser and curiouser

Curiouser and curiouser

Let me get this right, Tenet has resigned while Chalabi is still standing? Chalib appears to have his hand in everything and to be working for and/or double crossing everyone. Or is he? There are whole levels of machination here not yet apparent. However since Bush tossed Tenet, one of his most trusted confidantes, out the window, then something real serious is most definitely going down. And there will be more resignations as Bush, in increasing desperation, attempts to deflect blame from himself.

Resignation won’t solve Bush woes

Former CIA chief Stansfield Turner said it was unlikely the resignation was Tenet’s idea. “I don’t think he would pull the plug on President Bush in the midst of an election cycle without being asked by President Bush to do that.”

It is far more likely that — in the midst of an election cycle — Bush would pull the plug on Tenet.

Chalabi says Tenet behind allegations against him

Politician Ahmad Chalabi accused CIA director George Tenet on Thursday of being responsible for allegations that the former Iraqi exile leader passed intelligence information to Iran.

Candidate who pulled out blames Chalabi plot

Adnan Pachachi, who had been widely tipped to become Iraq’s new president, last night claimed he was forced to turn down the job because of a “shabby conspiracy” led by the Pentagon’s disgraced ex-favourite Ahmad Chalabi.

What a rat’s nest…

PS Outsourcing the military: DynCorp took part in Chalabi raid