Danny Glover to speak at…

Danny Glover to speak at LA antiwar rally Sat June 5

Just confirmed! Danny Glover will speak at and help mc the main rally. Speakers now include

Danny Glover
Actor, activist

Fernando Suarez
His son Jesus was one of the first US soldiers killed in the Iraq invasion. He has become a tireless and eloquent peace activist.

Ron Kovic
“Born on the Fourth of July”, Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

John Duran
Mayor of West Hollywood. West Hollywood was the first city to pass a resolution opposing the war. He sponsored and wrote the resolution.

Military Families Speak Out
An organization of people who are opposed to war in Iraq and who have relatives or loved ones in the military.”

I’ve helped organize, what, 10 such rallies in LA these past few years, and this looks to be the best lineup yet. Music and spoken word too.

Kerry Getz
The Believers
Wil B.
Korean drummers and spoken word
Filipino spoken word

Logistics and more info