The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow

This disaster movie about global warming opened Memorial Day weekend to a huge box office. Among other things, this shows global warming is no longer a fringe issue. Like saying the Bushies lied about the reasons for the Iraq  invasion, saying global warming is happening is no longer considered a fringe statement – the issue has moved front and center onto front pages worldwide.

Good! Go see the movie. It’s fun, even if the “science” in it is laughable at times and the plot sometimes schmaltzy. The special effects are amazing, I mean, hey, when else to you get to see NYC encased in ice and snow?

The Viridian movement is a net-based art design to focus attention on global warming. The mailing list is worldwide, and we’ve definitely done our part to get the word out. I am a proud member of the Viridian Curia, and our leader, the esteemed Pope-Emperor, noted sf author Bruce Sterling, commented in a recent newsletter. 

You know what?  It’s been six years since we started the Viridian Movement in 1998, and our basic issues are finally becoming loud, repeated, unbearably urgent, everyday, headline-grabbing issues.

Much more of this, and it’s going to be time for me to declare victory and move along to some less commonplace form of technosocial endeavor.  I don’t like to repeat the publicly obvious == not my style. But it’s not like the Greenhouse problem is ever going away in my lifetime… So hey,  maybe they’ll draft me and MAKE me do this!

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