Like an alcoholic

Like an alcoholic

One of the tell-tale traits of alcoholism is denial, a refusal, often quite belligerent, by the alcoholic to admit there is a serious problem.

That’s what Bush did yesterday in his Iraq speech. He refused to accept there were serious problems, and instead play-acted like the US had just hit a few speed bumps or something instead – with certainly nothing requiring a change in tactics and absolutely nothing implying he’d made idiot decisions or was in any way responsible for anything.

Along with denial comes a disconnect from reality.

“The terrorists and Saddam loyalists would rather see many Iraqis die than have any live in freedom. But terrorists will not determine the future of Iraq.”

George, George, George. It’s the Iraqi people who are fighting back. They want the invaders out. Capece? And give up with the Saddam stuff, I doubt even the neo-cons believe you on this anymore.

More unreality

The U.S. will build a new prison to replace Abu Ghraib prison as a “fitting symbol of Iraq’s new beginning.”

A better new beginning would have been no torture by US soldiers. Bush barely mentioned the tortures except to blame others and absolve himself. This is another classic sign of denial, refusal to face up to reality and to never apologize.

Denial. George Bush is deep in denial. Denial about how badly the invasion is going, denial about the tortures – and denial about his plummeting ratings.

Sixty-five percent of Americans — the highest in 10 years – – said the U.S. is on the “wrong track,” CBS News reported. The president’s approval rating is 41 percent.

If Bush genuinely understood why his ratings are tumbling, he’s might take action to change things. But instead, unable to admit error (another classic trait of denial), he’s locked in on his disastrous plans, determined to “stay the course” and thus is leading the country off a cliff.