More on Nick Berg

More on Nick Berg

From Baghdad Burning, an eloquently written blog from an Iraqi woman in Baghdad.

“Ansar Al Islam are a fundamentalist militant group- mostly Kurdish- based in the north of Iraq. They made a name for themselves recently and chose the Kurdish autonomous region as ‘home’ with the full knowledge of the CIA, who had more control over the region than the former regime.

I was sick to my stomach when I first saw the video on some news channel and stood petrified, watching the screen and praying that they wouldn’t show it whole because for some reason, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I feel horrible. Was I shocked? Was I surprised? Hardly. We’ve been expecting this since the first pictures of the torture of Iraqi prisoners broke out. There’s a certain rage in many people that is frightening. There’s a certain hunger and need for revenge that lame apologies from Bush and surprise visits from Rumsfeld won’t appease.

I think beheading was the chosen method of ‘execution’ because the group wanted to shock Americans and westerners in the worst possible way. The torturers at Abu Ghraib and other prisons chose sexual degradation because they knew that nothing would hurt and appall Iraqis and Muslims more than those horrible, sadistic acts. To Iraqis, death is infinitely better than being raped or sexually abused. There are things worse than death itself and those pictures portrayed them.”

They let out around 300+ prisoners today while that sadistic fiend Rumsfeld was in town. Apparently, setting 300 prisoners free of the thousands currently detained is supposed to mollify Iraqis- quite like Bush’s lame half-apology to King Abdallah of Jordan. What is King Abdallah to us? What does it matter if Bush gets down and begs him for forgiveness? What in God’s name does he represent to the Iraqi people?