Iraqi leader dies in suicide…

Iraqi leader dies in suicide attack

US efforts to stabilise Iraq ahead of next month’s transfer of sovereignty were dealt a huge blow yesterday when the head of Iraq’s US-appointed governing council was killed by a suicide car bomber.

Targeted killings that demoralise Iraqi allies

The patterns are ever more clear, the targets carefully chosen.

Colleagues from the governing council also insist it was no coincidence that their president was singled out.

The message is clear, cooperate with those occupying our country and you are a target – which is precisely what the French Resistance did against Nazi invaders, what the IRA did against the Brits, and what any underground resistance fighting for their homeland does.

Again, I’m seeing that the US, despite all the puerile macho strutting and boasts of gittin’ tough, does not have the stomach, the will, or even the requisite knowledge and experience for a prolonged war against an increasingly determined underground resistance. Maybe Bush actually believes his own propaganda, it’s clear Iraqis don’t. US allies are starting to vanish, and the latest polls show a majority in the US now oppose the war.

Bring the troops home now.