[1]Same-sex couples marry in Massachusetts!

Same-sex couples marry in Massachusetts!

Gay couples
began exchanging marriage vows in Massachusetts on Monday, marking the
first time a state has granted gays and lesbians the right to marry and
making the United States one of at least four countries where
homosexuals can legally wed

The Attorney General of New York said NY will recognize Massachusetts gay marriages as legal.

The attorney generals of Connecticut and Rhode Island issued opinions implying their states would also recognize the marriages.

is a monumental victory, and the coming battles ahead will be like the
civil rights movement of the 60’s, because, after all, gay marriage is
a civil rights issue too. Today, the good guys won, and won big, and
the news of it circled the planet.

All of which makes me proud to have grown up in New England where one’s personal affairs are considered to be just that.

And why did a couple who have been together 49 years have to wait so long to get married?