Kerry slips behind Bush as…

Kerry slips behind Bush as California race turns tight

Nader is polling 10% in California, and indeed, a quick scan of various polls shows him polling about 5-7% nationwide.

Yo Kerry, maybe it’s time to stop being a nonentity cipher. And listen to what Nader advises you do (from William Raspberry, of all people.)

Well, the advice here is that the Democrats — very much including presumptive nominee John Kerry — would do well to pause in their brick-throwing long enough to listen. Because what Nader is offering, he genuinely believes, is a road map to a Kerry victory.

Nader’s ideas for Kerry include: End corporate welfare, Support a living wage. Go after corporate crime. Repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Protect the poor. Reform the tax code.

As for the war in Iraq: Kerry needs to set a date for withdrawal of American troops and companies.

“If Kerry takes these positions,” Nader concludes, “the only thing he’ll have to worry about is how big will be his landslide.”