The pixie witch

The pixie witch

Lynndie England, 21, a rail worker’s daughter, comes from a trailer park in Fort Ashby, West Virginia, which locals proudly call “a backwoods world”. She faces a court martial, but at home she is toasted as a hero. At the dingy Corner Club Saloon they think she has done nothing wrong.

“To the country boys here, if you’re a different nationality, a different race, you’re sub-human. That’s the way girls like Lynndie are raised.

“Tormenting Iraqis, in her mind, would be no different from shooting a turkey. Every season here you’re hunting something. Over there, they’re hunting Iraqis.”

Speaking of turkey shoots: Footage of a US helicopter shooting unarmed Iraqis has surfaced.

The French cable television station Canal Plus on Tuesday will broadcast images, stolen in Iraq, of a US army helicopter killing three Iraqis, one of them wounded, who do not appear to be posing any threat.

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Lynndie’s mother says:

“She told me nothing happened which wasn’t ordered by higher up,”

“They are trying to pin all of this on the lower ranks. My daughter was just following orders. I think there’s a conspiracy.”

That’s quite correct. The military has tossed Lynndie to the pit bulls. They will scapegoat her as much as possible, saying it was just a bunch of out-of-control trailer trash who did all this and we are simply aghast and mortified at what happened.

It appears all the solidiers in the prisons were rural Anglo-Saxons. Not a single person of color that I’ve seen. What a coincidence.