Green Party nominating convention

Green Party nominating convention

From Progressive Review newsletter (the full article may still be on the home page, although you might have to hunt a bit for it, it’s worth reading the whole thing.)

Things aren’t looking so bright for the Green national convention where a train wreck is possible over a choice between Ralph Nader, David Cobb and no candidate.

Ironically, Nader, who undeniably helped the Green Party grow in 2000, may do more harm this year to the Greens rather than the Democrats. Local Greens depend upon sympathetic Democrats for money and votes; with a Nader candidacy both will be in short supply. It is entirely possible that Ralph Nader will prove responsible both the rise and the fall of the Green Party, all in just four years.

To make matters trickier, however, events are not totally in anyone’s hands. Continued stupidity on the part of the Bush regime could cause a spurt in the anti-war movement with Nader as primary political beneficiary.

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