Abbott and Costello in Falluja

Abbott and Costello in Falluja

Let’s see, two weeks ago the US was sternly opposed to former Saddam loyalists having any post whatsoever under their new puppet government, saying this absolutely positively would not happen because such people were evildoers. One week ago they reversed their decision, saying by golly a former Saddam general would now be in charge of forces at Falluja, and that he appeared to be a swell fellow. Today they reversed their reversal  saying the Saddam general will not be in charge after all. Uh huh, I am deeply impressed with the clarity of US leadership.

And just a few days ago, the US miltary was making dire threats about the world-class butt-stomping Falluja was about to receive. Today those in Falluja are celebrating the US pullout – more signs of a collapsing US command.

 And what does the US military plan to do in Falluja now? They’ve no idea.

Falluja plan in doubt as US deals with furor over abuse.

And in not so unrelated news:

General/ex-NSA head says Iraq war a failure

William Odom, a retired Army general who was director of the National Security Agency during the Reagan administration, said Iraqi public anger at the U.S. troop presence has spun irretrievably out of control. “The only question is how long we’re going to wait to leave and what price we’re going to have to pay if we try to stay,” he said.

Any “continued U.S. troop presence is a losing proposition. Once you’ve done a stupid thing, you don’t fix it by keeping doing it. Our troops are exposed; we’re going to take more casualties without any capacity of destroying the enemy. That’s a losing proposition.”

During the Vietnam War, it took years for ruling class members of this stature to oppose the war. This time, it’s taken mere months. The US is losing the ground war, the US has already lost the propaganda war and any chance of winning hearts and minds. The Bushies plan to control Mideast oil has failed, and failed miserably. Now, even former heads of NSA are saying, bring the troops home now.