US report: Terrorism at 35-year…

US report: Terrorism at 35-year low

The number of terrorist attacks worldwide has dropped to its lowest level since 1969, according to a US State Department report.

A 35 year low? Lord have mercy, and here the TV media is scaring us silly with unending reports of commies, whoops, terrorists under every bed. Hmm, why is this? Reading White House press releases as news certainly is less taxing than all that tedious investigative journalism or am I too cynical?

Why oh why do they hate us. The saga continues.
US troops accused of torturing Iraqis

Those ungrateful wretches…
Iraqi Council members demand full sovereignty.

U.S., Iraq generals reach tentative deal, uh huh…
The “deal” is – are you ready – a former general under Saddam will invade Falluja, uh, “handle security” for the US, who promises to leave town. However the bombings are continuing unabated. A clear pattern is emerging. US military pretends to talk peace as they continue the war.

But it’s not working out, is it? Support for war is down sharply.