California bans Diebold voting machines…

California bans Diebold voting machines in four counties, calls for criminal investigation

The state’s top elections official called for a criminal investigation of Diebold Election Systems Inc. as he banned use of the company’s newest model touchscreen voting machine, citing concerns about its security and reliability.

Friday’s ban will force up to 2 million voters in four counties, including San Diego, to use paper ballots in November, marking their choices in ovals read by optical scanners.

Secretary of State Kevin Shelley asked the attorney general’s office to investigate allegations of fraud, saying Diebold had lied to state officials.

I’m listening to the California Secretary of State at the press conference as I type this. He is seriously pissed and is point-blank accusing Diebold of deliberately breaking the law in numerous ways.

This may well be the death knell for touchscreen voting. Good. Until such systems are genuinely verifiable, they should not be used. You’re damn right I don’t trust unverifiable voting systems created by companies with strong ties to conservative Republican causes!