A possible conversation between senators…

A possible conversation between senators in DC

“Hey, isn’t Negroponte linked to death squads in Honduras that murdered and tortured dissidents, insurgents, and anyone opposed to the rulers?”

“Yeah, so what’s your point?”

“Um, maybe he might want to do the same in Iraq…”

“Oh heck, that Honduras thing is ancient history, besides we need someone robust and manly in Iraq to clean up the mess Bush has made.”

“How will making more of a mess clean up the mess that’s already there?”

“Hey, what are you, some kind of dangerous radical like John Kerry, threatening our national security with his opposition to the war?”

“Kerry favors the war. He agrees with Bush completely on it. And he’s running to the right of Bush on Israel.”

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot… So, what questions will you ask Bush and Cheney when they testify today?”

“As if it matters! Their testimony is in private session, it can’t be taped or transcribed, and they aren’t under oath. A pointless exercise, if you ask me!”

“Hey, can you believe those news reports saying we Senators are useless and gutless”