The balance of power is…

The balance of power is wobbling

Al-Qa’eda gunmen attack Syrian capital

Suspected al-Qa’eda gunmen launched co-ordinated attacks on a diplomatic district of Damascus last night, sparking a fierce battle with security forces on the streets of the Syrian capital.

This is direct blowback from the ill-fated US invasion of Iraq. al-Qa’eda or whoever did it sure weren’t attacking in Syria, a secular nation, before the war, were they? But thanks to dimbulb Dubya and his bloodthirsty band of loony neocons, why heck, al Qa’eda probably had to add a third shift to manage all the new recruits who want to fight the US and then demolish any local secular governments.

It was just days ago that someone blew up that Saudi police station, in, I believe, the first direct attack against Saudi, not US targets.  

The current US bombardment of Falluja and Najaf will only serve to create more such attacks – attacks aimed at upsetting the balance of power throughout the Middle East with consequences directly counter to what the Bushies, in their naïveté, believed would happen. In imperialist delusion, they thought they would rule it all. The end result will be quite different.