The lunatics have taken over…

The lunatics have taken over the asylum

War will take “decades”, says chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Friday that the war in Iraq is going “reasonably well” but acknowledged the United States faces long-term involvement there.

Gen. Richard Myers told reporters that fighting terrorism also is a long-term commitment and said, “Decades is probably not unreasonable.”

Um, if it’s going “reasonably well”, why will US military need to be there for decades? As during the Vietnam War, the Pentagon is emanating an enormous fog of doublespeak, propaganda, and, yes, outright lies. During Vietnam, after a while, many stopped believing what the Pentagon was saying – sometime which will no doubt happen now soon enough.

Brian Eno sums it up well

When I first visited Russia, in 1986, I made friends with a musician whose father had been Brezhnev’s personal doctor. One day we were talking about life during ‘the period of stagnation’ – the Brezhnev era. ‘It must have been strange being so completely immersed in propaganda,’ I said.

‘Ah, but there is the difference. We knew it was propaganda,’ replied Sacha.