Tell me again why Democrats…

Tell me again why Democrats are different from Republicans (cont.)

The LA Times details how Bush now wants to use the UN as a fig leaf for respectability in Iraq. Thus, his stance and Kerry’s are now virtually the same, potentially taking momentum from the Kerry campaign.

Kerry and his advisors insist that Bush still has not done enough to share authority in Iraq, but some Democrats acknowledge that his shift may make it tougher for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to distinguish his approach from the administration’s.

Here’s a clue for John Kerry – try being actually opposed to the war.

Or, as Sam Smith at Progressive Review puts it:

John Kerry is the most lackluster presidential candidate the Democrats have had since Michael Dukakis. That he is their candidate is due in no small part to Terry McAwful’s successful efforts at frontloading the Democratic primaries.

It’s pretty much up to George Bush, the Israelis, Iraqis, bin Laden and the stock market to decide this election.