People get ready

People get ready

These are crazy times, and I think they’ll get crazier. The current spectacle of the 9/11 hearings is illuminating. The most powerful nation is history is revealed as, well, incompetent, when it comes to foreign intelligence gathering. The emperor has no clothes?

As the storm clouds continue to gather.

‘Bin Laden’ offers Europe truce

An Arab television network has aired an audiotape said to be from Osama Bin Laden in which he offers Europe a truce if it “stops attacking Muslims”

However in the tape, aired by the al-Arabiya satellite channel on Thursday, the voice said the truce would not be extended to the US
“What happened on September 11 and March 11 are your goods returned to you, so that you know security is a necessity for all,” the voice said.

The tape also reportedly criticises US policy for ignoring the “real problem” which is “the occupation of all of Palestine”

Palestine will explode, and the Middle East with it. Bush rips up the road map

President George Bush swept aside decades of diplomatic tradition in the Middle East yesterday, saying it was “unrealistic” to expect a full Israeli withdrawal from lands occupied during the 1967 war or the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

Kerry moves in lockstep with Bush on this. Hell, on Israel, Kerry is to the right of Bush…

Iraqi ‘beaten to death’ by US troops

An Iraqi has died of his wounds after US troops beat him with truncheons because he refused to remove a picture of wanted Shiite Muslim leader Moqtada Sadr from his car, police said today.

I read somewhere yesterday that insurgents are warning Iraqis to stay away from Americans for the next week or so. Sounds like more attacks are coming.

There’s much turbulence out there. Check out what 1968 was like, because I’m thinking, what goes around comes around.