Iraq. We may just be…

Iraq. We may just be in Act One

Violence rampages in Iraq amid frequently-broken truce.

Crew dies as copter downed.

GIs lose status as super-warriors in Iraq.

And the biggie: Sunni and Shia guerrillas unite against US.

From Baghdad Burning

“They say around 600 Iraqis were killed in Falloojeh- 120 children and 200 women… it’s an atrocity and horribly sad. They have let one or two convoys in and the rest were sent back. The refugees from the area are flowing into Baghdad and it’s horrible to see them.

Women and children with tear-stained faces, mostly in black, carrying bundles of clothes and bottles of water. The mosques are gathering food and clothes for them… one of the storage areas for the refugee stuff was hit by an American tank today in A’adhamiya and the scene is chaotic… scattered food, medication, bandages, blankets, etc.

The south is a bit calmer because of the ‘Arba’een’ of the Imam Hussein which will last for a couple of days… no one knows what will happen after that.”