From bad to worse

From bad to worse

US loses control of two cities

Eleven foreign hostages reported seized in Iraq

US may extend the stay of 15,000 troops in Iraq

From the LA Times – “It’s time to bail out,” said Charles V. Peña, director of defense policy studies at the Cato Institute, a conservative Washington think tank. “If it wasn’t obvious beforehand, it ought to be more obvious now that we are in a situation that is no longer in control, and we can’t make the fairy tale outcome that we would like to see happen in Iraq.”

If the Cato Institute is saying this, then support for Bush among conservatives must be plummeting. The official statements coming from the White House are so divorced from reality – oh they say, it’s just a few isolated rebels doing all this – one wonders if the Bushies are so deluded they actually believe their own propaganda.

Aside from “gittin’ tough”, a dismal flop of a strategy if there ever was one, they have no plan, no clue what to do, as events spiral out of their control.