Shiite militias attacks US forces….

Shiite militias attacks US forces. Many dead on both sides.

While Bremer mouths tough guy platitudes

“This will not be tolerated by the coalition, this will not be tolerated by the Iraqi people,” Paul Bremer, the head of the U.S.-led administration in Iraq, said in a statement on the Defense Department’s Web site after the Najaf attack. Protesters “crossed the line and they have moved into violence.”

Hello? What silly statements. “Crossed the line?” That line was crossed months ago, and the resistance and violence continues to escalate. “Will not be tolerated by the Iraqi people?” Huh? Iraqis are the ones doing it.

What planet is this guy on? His Fox News view of the world is making things worse, not better.

Let’s set the way-back machine to directly after the invasion ended. The resistance started out with a few people throwing stones and has steadily increased in breadth and intensity since. The NY Times says what’s happening now is “a coordinated Shiite militia uprising against the American-led occupation.”

All our macho posturing and gittin’ tough are accomplishing less than nothing. Because the US doesn’t really have a plan, does it?

Good morning Vietnam.

Al-Qaida has little to do with this home-grown insurgency in Iraq. Heck, they don’t have to do anything. Our heavy-handed blundering does it for them, driving people to their side. But understanding this, then taking appropriate actions, requires an understanding there is a world beyond Texas, something that eludes the current inhabitants of the White House.