Greg Palast on the upcoming…

Greg Palast on the upcoming election

Palast is the investigative reporter who broke the original story of how Florida purged nearly 100,000 Black voters from the voting polls, thus making them ineligible to vote and insuring Dubya would win.

How will they steal the election?

There is something called the Help America Vote Act that our president signed a year and a half ago. As soon as the Bush family tells us they’re going to help us vote I get very nervous. And sure enough, it is filled with expanding the purge of voters they did in Florida. Instead of eliminating that horror show, that racial voter pogrom, they’re going to take it on the road nationwide.

The second thing they’re going to do is provide billions of dollars to force states to computerize voting. I have some other angles that no one else has picked up yet. It’s a creepy story, and hopefully you’ll get fightin’ mad.

They did a test run when Katherine Harris put computer touch screens in Broward County in Florida. In the black precincts the computers went down, and thousands and thousands of black votes were never counted in machines ordered by Katherine Harris, made by an evil little company called iVotronics ES&S. That was a test run not to see that they worked but to see that they didn’t work at the right place.

So they did their test run and now they’re going to take it on the road. And what you’re going to see is a massive non-count of black votes.

The biggest danger is the strategic breakdown of machines that will cause the non-vote in strategic precincts. That’s what happened in Broward, where the machines were first tested. That’s what will happen nationwide. Watch.