California: Clemency for Pam Martinez

California: Clemency for Pam Martinez

Another example of the out-of-control, vindictive California penal system.

ACLU Take Action item:

Pamela Martinez is a textbook case of the waste, cruelty, and injustice of our criminal justice system. After serving 7 years of her 25 years-to-life, Three Strikes sentence for stealing a toolbox valued at $30, she succeeded in overturning the sentence. She’s rebuilt her life, has a job and pays taxes, and contributes as an activist and volunteer to making a better California, but California’s criminal justice system wants to pull Pam back and derail her hard-won successes.

Attorney General Bill Lockyer has spent over 2 million dollars of taxpayers’ money to pursue Pamela’s return to prison for 65 additional days. This will disrupt Pam’s new life, force her out of her new apartment, and take away her job, just short of her one-year anniversary. This is wasteful, cruel, and unjust

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Rally for Clemency
Wed, tomorrow, 3-6pm
Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Los Angeles office
300 South Spring St. Suite 16701