March 20 worldwide antiwar demos

March 20 worldwide antiwar demos

From ANSWER NY, the national office

Opposition to the Iraq war and occupation is deep and it is global. It stunned the war-makers that the people of Spain, having experienced a horrific terrorist attack on civilians, could three days later resist the right-wing pressure applied by the pro-Bush Aznar government and turn that government out of office. This incredible upset was a focused repudiation by the people of the government’s cooperation with Bush and Blair in carrying out the aggression in Iraq. That was a remarkable political development which will have widespread repercussions. The people of Spain will be in the streets on March 20th. So must we.

As usual, NYC police and mayor are trying to block that demonstration from happening.

In response to the call from the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, New York City Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council received more than 5,000 e-mails and letters demanding that they uphold the free speech rights of demonstrators who have a permit to march and rally in the heart of mid-town Manhattan on Saturday.

Thousands more are showing their support and rejecting the efforts of the government to intimidate people from coming, by buying bus tickets and making plans to come out into the streets. For the regional action in New York, buses, vans, car caravans and trains are bringing people from as far south as Charlotte, North Carolina to as far north as Burlington, VT. Currently there are over 30 cities organizing transportation to New York City.

And as usual, ANSWER laywers will go to court to block the expected odious moves by NYC to stop the demo.