Spain bombings

Spain bombings

Were the Spain train bombings a deliberate, calculated attempt to depose the ruling party, or was the upset win by the Socialists an unexpected outcome of the bombings?

Given that the bombings were directly before the election and were apparently done by al-Qaida, I’m leaning towards believing it was deliberate. If so, then other conclusions can be drawn. Those responsible are brilliant tacticians and strategists. They are bold, committed, and execute plans with remarkable skill.

I see nothing in the blundering, arrogant US “strategy” that comprehends any of this. Quite the contrary, rather than form coalitions to work together, the Bushies have instead alienated the planet with their ignorant yokel “We have the biggest guns” macho strutting – which rather clearly isn’t working.

Mistrust of U.S. abroad rising fast

Mistrust of the United States, particularly U.S. President George W. Bush has grown steadily in western Europe over the ten months, while anti-American sentiment in the Arab world remains pervasive, according to a major new public-opinion poll of nine countries.

Bush’s war on terrorism really has been quite a flop, hasn’t it? It’s not stopping terrorism and it’s losing the US valuable friends and allies… It’s one thing to yap about gittin’ the evildoers, it’s another to have produced actual results.