From Sam Smith of Progressive Review, comes this eloquent explanation why our foreign policy is ignorant and counter-productive.

Regardless of who did it, the recent events in Spain show once again the futility and stupidity of the war on terror. You simply can not suppress anger by military and law enforcement means. The more you try, the more anger you create and the greater your problem becomes.

The media has committed a sin far greater than those of Jayson Blair: it has repeatedly misled and lied to the American people concerning the practicality of the war on terror and has kept from its pages and airwaves doubts on this score. In this it has behaved with a reckless negligence which, if committed behind the wheel of a car, would be considered criminal.

The only way out of our crisis is to reduce the anger of the most rational, thus also reducing the constituency of the least rational. Yet we have done nothing since September 11 to improve relations with the Arab and Muslim world, and we have done nothing to make Israel do likewise. Instead we have persisted in constructing an illusion of security and a fantasy of strength and alienating aggressiveness that can be penetrated at any moment by a sufficiently determined though not particularly skilled adversary.

We do not have homeland security, only a homeland hubris that may prove, in the end, to have been our real enemy