Stupid cat tricks

Stupid cat tricks

As performed my beloved felines, Joey and Suzy:

4:30 AM is an appropriate time to whap the venetian blinds in the bedroom in an attempt to open them.

When I am tossing treats to them, Joey will run to a treat, but often not eat it. Instead, he waits to see if I toss one to Suzy too. If so, he’ll run over and try, usually unsuccessfully, to steal it. Often he forgets to eat the treat he was guarding so Suzy eats it for him. Thus she gets both treats and he gets none.

6:00 AM is a fun time to chase each other around the house. Invariably, Suzy will then hide and sulk, while Joey will be rebuffed in his attempt to be friends, causing him to meowl loudly and piteously. Did I mention the “loudly” part?

As I am fall asleep at night, Joey will walk over to me and sniff my fingers for about two seconds, then walk away. I have no clue what’s going on here, yet it happens every night without fail.

Suzy can *not* handle her catnip. She rolls wantonly in it then, if I’ve given her too much, walks over to Joey and starts a fight.

Suzy enjoys knocking over wastebaskets, rooting around inside for a piece of paper, which she will pick up in her teeth and bring to me. I am then required to wad the paper up into a ball, toss it across the room, so they can both play soccer with it. (Ok, this behavior is probably considerably more “endearing”, than “stupid”…)