My new Nokia 3200

My new Nokia 3200

I just traded in my Nokia 3650 cell phone for a newer model, the 3200. As it often the case next nextgen technology, it’s smaller, easier to use, and more powerful. For example, the internet access speed has increased from about 56k to DSL speeds, an 11-fold difference!

Like my old phone, I can send email, text message, surf the web, use a speakerphone, and take photos. However it also has fun new gadgets like a flashlight, a radio, and voice dialing! 

It was free! My provider, ATT Wireless, wants to get these phones out there fast because these new phones can access two bands not just one, which increases range and signal – and is something their competition has offered for a while.

Imagine what these phone will do in five years. We are seeing the blending of the phone and the personal computer.

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