California Green registrations shrink

California Green registrations shrink

The number of registered Greens in California, for the first time in a quite a while, has dropped a bit.

Date     Greens     % 

Jan  2  162,354   1.086%
Feb 17  157,749   1.045%

That’s a 2.8 % decrease in 2 1/2 months.

This is probably due to Greens re-registering as Democrats to vote in the primary. The question being, of course, will they come back?

Many will be surprised that California Greens are barely 1% of registered voters – yet routinely poll much higher than that in actual elections.

Update: From a public Green listserv posting

As observed, we dropped from 162,354 to 157,749 members (a loss of 4,605) between January 2nd and February 17th, a drop of 2.84%. Before that, we dropped from 165,722 to 162,354 between September 30th and January 2nd (a loss of 3,368), a drop of 2.03%.

Between September 30th and February 17th – 129 days – we lost 7,973 members, or 4.81%.