“Antiwar Kerry” calls Bush sissy…

“Antiwar Kerry” calls Bush sissy boy on war

That’s right. Kerry, the presumed lefist in the race says Bush is just meandering about when it comes to national defense, and that a Kerry in the White House would mean more occupations and more invasions!

In perhaps the most hallucinatory headline in weeks, Kerry says Bush “weak on defense”.  Yessirree, Kerry wants increased troops and tighter surveillance!!

Kerry said in his address Friday that, since America is in Iraq, the nation must finish its work there. He called for adding 40,000 active-duty Army troops temporarily and for reforming the U.S. intelligence system.

And screw other countries and the UN.

Kerry struck back, arguing that, as president, he would work with America’s allies to make the nation and the world safer, but he would not be hampered by them or beholden to them.

“Allies give us more hands in the struggle, but no president would ever let them tie our hands and prevent us from doing what must be done,” Kerry said.

Kerry appears to be running to the RIGHT of Bush on the war.