Microsoft monoculture

Microsoft monoculture

I’m taking those monoculture warnings about Microsoft products seriously. If everyone runs the same software, especially software notorious for having security holes, then a serious virus could take everyone out. Everyone, that is, except those not running Internet Explorer and Outlook.

Because via IE and Outlook are the ways most viruses and malware attack Windows users.
So, on my new computer I’m running Firefox as the default browser and playing with converting my six email accounts from Outlook to Eudora. So far, I’ve got two accounts in Eudora, and am testing it to see how I like it. (The other email accounts are in Outlook on the other computer). Firefox is open source and free. Eudora has a free sponsored version with unobtrusive ads.

My primary reason for using Outlook had been the calendar, but I now do calendaring online with Yahoo Calendar, which can notify me via email and/or cell phone text message of upcoming meetings – an amazingly useful feature.

Anyone out there using Eudora? Or have ideas for other email programs? And yes, I may get a Mac or a Linux box one day!

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