Why socialized medicine is a…

Why socialized medicine is a good idea

Tenet, a scandal-ridden healthcare company, plans to sell 18 hospitals in the LA area because rather than retrofit them to earthquake safety standards. If they can sell them, that is. If they can’t, they will be closed, then thousands will lose jobs and LA healthcare will deteriorate further.

Tenet, the largest hospital chain in the state, said it hoped to find buyers for the facilities but couldn’t guarantee that they all would remain open.

“This is not good news,” said John Edelston, a health-care consultant in Westlake Village and former chairman of the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Commission. “If hospitals close, it will mean less access and longer waits than there already are. And it will create more haves and have-nots” in the medical-care system.

In a socialized system, the hospitals would have been retrofitted by the government and thus would remain open. It’s criminal that a sleazy company like Tenet should be allowed to do this. And sickening that many will suffer because of it.