Democrats energized against Bush

Democrats energized against Bush

From Political Wire

“Democrats’ record turnout in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, following similarly heavy attendance at the Iowa caucuses last week, shows that the party is organized and motivated to oust President Bush next fall,” USA Today reports.

<Influential conservative blogger>  Andrew Sullivan says Bush is in deep trouble. “The huge turn-out in New Hampshire; the electability factor for Kerry; the passion of the Dean people: all this shows how thoroughly energized the Democrats are to win back the White House. Bush is in the Rove-Cheney cocoon right now. From the SOTU, it looks like he’s going to run on 9/11. Bad, backward-looking idea. His coalition is fracturing; his reach out to Hispanics seems to have hurt him more with the base than won him new votes; his spending has independents deeply concerned; Iraq is still a wild card; prescription drugs pandering hasn’t swayed any seniors; the religious right wants him to attack gay couples in the Constitution – which will lose him the center. More worrying: I’m not sure he even knows he’s in trouble.”

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